Sunday, June 10, 2012

WTF with Google Friend Connect?

While posting and writing I didn't pay attention that my GFC widget was broken and not visible anymore :-(
I was trying to fix it for several days and was successful but lost almost all my followers :-(

Please, can you be so kind to go to my blog Lucky Angel, Reviews and Giveaways and follow me via GFC once more?
Huge Thank You!


Norma said...

Hello, thanks for your interest in the giveaway on my blog but since this is not a commercial sponsored prize and it is intended to be of interest specifically to the Dollhouse/Miniature community I don't think that it's really suitable for promotion here. Thanks again for your visit to my blog.

Alta Infante said...

I can feel you girl.. :( My GFC is broken too. and I tried to fix it, but i cant retrieve it anymore. And now I'm down to 2-digit followers. :( I followed you, can you follow me back too?