Sunday, June 10, 2012

Introducing Dixi! Low-priced shop.

I've found Dixi shop while browsing Internett several days ago. And you know what is really amazing?
Their prices!
Dixi Shop is suggesting modern & vintage clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. I'll show you my jewelry picks because I'm jewelry maniac...

druzy ring

Indica Golden Rough Druzy Ring 01 
Unique beautiful rough druzy stone statement ring.
as low as 15 £
Miska Blue Stone Flower Ring  - 4£
Promise Pink Lace Onyx Stone Necklace Price:£12.00
Anise Purple Striped Onyx Ring Price:£12.00
Leilana Purple Amethyst Flower Ring £8.00  
Just visit Dixi and find something for you! 

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