Saturday, June 16, 2012

10 “Free Forever” Paydirt accounts Giveaways (International)

That is a great product for freelances! 
Giveaway is open worldwide.
Ends June, 21st.

Enter here :

And now more about this product just for your curiousity :-)

If you have accounting software, it probably includes a time-tracking module. What if it’s on that desktop machine back at your studio, and you’re on the road with a laptop, or you prefer a dedicated time tracking interface?
Enter Paydirt, a web-based app that tracks three key freelancing metrics:
  1. Your clients and their contact information
  2. Projects you’re doing for clients
  3. The time spent on those projects
Put these three things together, and you have an app that tracks time spent on client projects, and uses the time logs to generate invoices. You present a Paydirt invoice in person if you’re working on site like our hypothetical road warrior. Or you can send it via e-mail.

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