Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Turquoise Wishbone Gemstone Necklace Giveaway

NB! Only for Facebook users!

Open worldwide!
Ends May, 30th.
Enter here : WIN IT

Hand-Crafted Pendulum Giveaway

Pendulums are used as a great tool for dowsing, spiritual use, chakra balancing and heightening ones psychic intution. Basic use is getting clear yes or no answers to questions. Pendulums are also used to locate lost items, connect with spirit guides, making important decisions, and have even been known to find water deposits, oil and gold!

International Love Dress Giveaway

Giveaway is open worldwide.
Ends June, 17th.
Enter here : http://oblogdasusi.blogspot.pt/2012/05/sorteio-internacional-vestido-love.html

Lipstick giveaway! Three winners!

Three prize packs

International Giveaway - Gold Cuff

Prize - gold cuff
Summer time! We need to get some new jewelry! 

Giveaway is open worldwide (international).
Ends June, 20th.
Easy Rafflecoter entries.

Enter here :  http://pedraspedrinhaspedregulhos.blogspot.com/2012/05/international-giveaway-gold-cuff.html

Wine Charms Set Giveaway!

Wine charm set consists from six wine charms. It'll be perfect if you love to host parties.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Barbiemania :-) Nature VS surgery?

Was browsing the net and found two girls who are like Barbie doll. One is Dakota, USA (I think you've heard about her) and the other one is from Ukraine.
One is natural, the other is artificial. Guess who?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My second Angel :-)

My boxer - Dana
I've got the second angel ;-)

Now I have two angels. 60 kilogramms of pure love!

Lingerie Giveaway! International!

Awsome giveaway from new Lingerie shop BOODWAH.

BOODWAH is owned by designer Jayne Whitehead.
Jayne handcrafts eclectic fashion pieces that clearly stand out.

Somebody will be so lucky to win BOODWAH'S pink velvet hot pants. 

Clutch Giveaway (International)

It's spring and summer is coming... Need a new clutch? Then WIN it!

PlayStation or Life?

Gaming... Is it good or bad? People (Adults, I mean) are getting addicted to it and can't control themselves. But what about children?

Have you heard what happened in Saudi Arabia? It's really terrible.