Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Important! Read before entering Rafflecopter Giveaways!

First time I entered Rafflecopter giveaway I thought : "Wow, it's so easy! Takes so little time and almost no effort!" I even became lazy to enter usual giveaways...
But when I started to check Rafflecopter entries for my giveaways here I was horrified!

My dear readers and followers, I do love you all. Please, let's take care of each other. 
I have to delete entries which I can't verify and it means we both are loosing time : you - while entering, me - while checking entries.

You can see video how to enter correctly here : 

How to Enter Rafflecopter Giveaways from Rafflecopter on Vimeo.

And now I will tell you some more rules to make life easier for all of us.

Don't cheat! I'll check every entry!
Please, do Mandatory entry first.

If entry asks you to tell "your favourite item from the shop" --  leave your answer in "Extra Info" section of the entry.
If entry asks you to leave "a blog post" telling your favourite item - than leave your answer in comment section.

Please, leave your GFC/ Facebook / Twitter / Etsy / StumbleUpon/ etc. names in "Extra Info" section of entries if you Liked, Followed, Added....because I am not a magician to know everything :-) I am still learning :-)

Please, leave a link if you tweeted in "Extra Info" section of the entry. Still don't know how to do that?

Here's how to find a Tweet's URL:

  • Locate the Tweet anywhere on
  • Click on the Tweet's timestamp. Below each Tweet, you'll see information about when the Tweet was posted. We call this the "timestamp" (see below).
  • You'll land on a page showing only that Tweet. This link does not expire. Here is the link to the Tweet shown below:
  • Copy the URL that shows up in your browser address bar.
  • Paste the URL in a message to anyone with whom you want to share the Tweet.

In general, these are all my complains :-)
Please, be attentive because I hate deleting entries which I can't verify. If you forgot to add something / wrote something wrong - you are welcome to make correct comment in comment section. That's just fine.

Thank you for entering my giveaways and god luck to all!


bettycd said...

has your site been hacked? I load the page and rafflecopter never loads. Instead there is a link - click here before entering rafflecopter for important info
I load your page again and there is an instructional video to click on re entering rafflecopters. Mind you I'm not clicking on any of this stuff as it is classic virus/work links that no one should be clicking on.
I load your site again from the main list of participating blogs and there is a you have won todays prize - fill out the 4 question survey.
when I do see what may be your actual blog, you caution strongly about people accurately claiming entries. And your tutorial on how to acquire twitter links is well, lets say its more angry and condescending than trying to help new people.
Bottomline - rafflecopter never did load and there is a lot going on with your site that makes me leery.

YulyaShenka said...

No, it's Rafflecopter issues lately. Everything is fine, at least now. Please, feel free to contact me through "contact me" tab to say what else you don't like. Will be greatfull.